Terms of Service

The following are terms of service for premium membership:

1. No content in the premium service is to be copied and pasted in another forum. A description or para phasing is acceptable, however.

2. While I will likely update more than once on the premium section there will be times where no updates can be provided including acts of God, no power, extreme sickness, or a family emergence.

3. Use of all premium content is accessed after payment process is complete.

4. Members are responsible for keeping their membership secure and contact me if the user believes that someone stole their password or username.

5. Users may download any images for personal use on their own computers.

6. Information furnished by NY NJ PA Weather to Subscriber is intended for Subscriber’s sole and exclusive use and shall be considered proprietary information, ownership of which shall remain with NY NJ PA Weather.

7. There is no guarantee of accuracy of forecasts for the user.

8. The member can cancel at any time via the registration page or through contacting NY NJ PA Weather. Service will be provided through end of paid term of service.  No refunds.

9. E-mails and requests will be responded to within a 24 hour period unless question has already been answered via a post or live discussion. example: How much in XYZ, which was already addressed via snow map and/or discussion.