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Like many meteorologist, Steven was born with the love of studying the weather. At a young age, Steven was forecasting for the school news papers in his elementary and middle schools. Later Steven started issuing forecasts for his own high school, which made him very popular ahead of potential snow days. In 1998, Steven went to the State University of New York in Oswego. Steven was a lead forecaster at the school news station WTOP and lead in the National Forecasting Contest for three years running.

After graduation in May 2002, Steven worked for and became a lead forecaster for Weatherbank, INC in Edmond, Oklahoma. Steven became an important forecaster for the Northeastern United States, protecting the energy and transportation clients from severe weather events and costly spikes in temperatures. Steven was also a lead developer of satellite images and management of other meteorologist’s best skills.

In the Spring of 2007, Steven developed and started NY NJ PA Weather. Steven is featured in several news publications like the Examiner.com, the Star Ledger, WNYC Radio, the Patch, The Daily Beast, You Tube and other news sources. Today, Steven is living his dream of having his own consulting service and being able to use his skills advising and educating the general public and clients. Steven is an expert in severe weather forecasting, mesoscale meteorology, and Long Range Forecasting Analysis.