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Official Certified Snowfall Totals!


Every day throughout the United States, the weather can create chaos and confusion for your business operations.  

NY NJ PA Weather Business Consulting is the guiding light in the darkness of uncertainty.  Each dashboard is customized to address the unique needs and concerns of the client from the direction of the wind to the timing of precipitation and more!  

Each forecast is customized and created by a certified meteorologist.  There is no automation here.  Every data point and forecast hour is created with the goal to reduce error and uncertainty for your operations!

Need to ask a question?  Not a problem!  Save time with entering your question via live chat found on each dashboard.  The meteorologist will receive a notification to promptly address any questions or concerns you may have!

You’ll also have access to the latest observations, radar, and satellite images to see how the weather is changing in and around your operations.  

This is your one spot location for all weather data and if there is something you need to be added, just ask!

When major precipitation events unfold, knowing exactly how much snow, ice, and the rain was recorded for your operations could be the difference between a profitable month or a disaster.  You can trust in our Official Certified Precipitation Totals analysis to guide the way!

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