At NY NJ PA Weather, we craft services based on what you need.  NY NJ PA Weather now has several tiers of services crafted for what you need!


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.11.55 PMSo you love following along on twitter but you need more!  You need to know where the pattern is going.  Will winter be bad?  What’s going to cause snow to be heavy in my location?  What will the road conditions be like?  NY NJ PA Weather Premium Membership is for you!

As a Premium Member you gain access to Premium Live Coverage and have your own personal meteorologist!  Every day, you’ll get the latest analysis on the weather.  When storms are on the way, you get in depth analysis and one on one analysis.  Premium Membership includes Long Range Thoughts, Severe Threat Analysis, Aviation and Road Conditions Reports, email contact, and Premium Live Coverage.  All for $6.67 a month!  Learn more at PREMIUM DEMO and sign up HERE!



nynjpa-weather-BusinessNeed a more location specific forecast for your business?  Then BUSINESS CONSULTING is for you!  Forecasts are specifically designed for your operational needs.  Need to get details on snow above a certain amount?  Will temperatures fall below freezing?  Will thunderstorms impact your operation?  Get the details with your very own page, updated daily.  Plus, with BUSINESS CONSULTING you gain one on one access via phone consultation, texting, and email.  Stay ahead of the storm, no matter the time of year!




When the weather impacts your corporation, you need a meteorologist you can trust on retainer.  CORPORATE SERVICES is focused on providing the weather information that is specifically focused on impacts on your corporation from location specific snowfall forecasts around the nation to the threat for severe weather impacting your multi-million dollar events.  You can trust in NY NJ PA Weather to provide the information you need.  Includes international forecasting.  Forecasting logistics of any and all situations. 



Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.33.43 PMFor years on twitter, there has always been a demand for a forecast for a specific location at a specific time, typically during a winter storm or perhaps for a wedding.  I would shy away from answering these question because one would lead to a hundred or more, which inhibits the point of Live Coverage of a storm if you are tied up with whether someone will have X amount of snow in their back yard.  Typically, this person was not interested in Premium Membership as they had no interest in the physics behind the storm or what was going to happen 3 months from now.  It’s snowing or raining and they want information on how the storm will impact their plans!

This need for information is why I team up with Jason Bowman and ROTN Corp LLC to create a mobile service just for that person!

My Weather Concierge® is a new and unique mobile weather app, powered by a group of tremendously talented forecasters. My Weather Concierge provides you with handcrafted weather forecasts for cities across the country, 365 days a year. Simply choose one of our local forecasters and have always-on access to their forecasts.

Going one step further, our forecasters can be your personal weather concierge. Planning an event? They’ll provide you with detailed weather information to help you best plan for it. Traveling for business or pleasure? Delays? Cancellations? Bring a coat or my flip flops? They’ll let you know what to expect from where you’re leaving to where you’re going.

Whatever your weather question, our forecasters have the answer.

My Weather Concierge®…it’s like having your very own forecaster in your pocket.

My Weather Concierge is available on iPhones and soon will be coming to Android!

My Weather Concierge will include the following from PREMIUM Membership:

1. The Severe Threat Analysis

2. Premium Video Discussion

3. Brief One on One Consultation

For more details, visit here!