Clouds Increase As Warmer Weather Returns

Warmer weather returns for the rest of the President’s Day weekend with plenty of cloud cover. High pressure will exit the region today with scattered to broken cloud cover through this evening.  Winds will be from the southwest at 5 to 10 mph.  Temperatures will rise into the lower to mid-40s over the interior and […]

November Climate Discussion: Flooding Of Venice, Italy

Architecture of Venice

My thoughts on the flooding in Venice Italy.  The details on the causes of this flooding including the climate change factor.   Links to information: MOSES Project: Geology: Forbes Discussion: Sea Level Rise: Please follow and like us:

Western Mega-Drought And Fires Part Of Normal Climate State

The western United States has been haunted by wildfires and major droughts the past several years, some of the worst experienced in several decades.  However, if climatology is any indication, and it usually is, the potential for significantly worse droughts is actually a regular part of the western United States climatology. NATURE’S CLIMATOLOGIST, TREES! Trees […]

More Focus Is Needed On Methane Contribution

Natural gas well processing plant backdrop

METHANE IS ONE TOUGH CUSTOMER When the topic of climate change and greenhouse gases is discussed, a lot of focus is on Carbon Dioxide, which is considered a significant contributor to warming the Earth at around 0.04% in the atmosphere.  However, another greenhouse gas is far more powerful in warming the atmosphere and that gas […]

The Censorship Of Atmospheric Scientist Has Intensified

Businessman asking for silence

There was a time in atmospheric science were questioning a theory was actually encouraged, that peer review could be trusted, and scientists were not threatened for voicing their opinion.  Those days are long gone, and recently has become far worse. On August 14th, a Peer-Reviewed study was made public by, called “Discrepancy in scientific […]

There Is More To This Pattern Than Just Carbon Dioxide

When studying the atmosphere, the first rule I always take is to not rush into judgments and to take a step back to look at all of the fluid dynamics involved.  This atmospheric scientist believes that we must completely explain the factors going into an atmospheric event and stay away from over the top claims. […]

Analysis Of New York City Heatwaves And Climate Influence

Another heatwave has come and gone for New York City and naturally many wonder how much climate change has had a role in enhancing the heat waves we have experienced. So I decided to dive into some data and look at the heat waves of our past, many I have listed above, to see if […]