Super Bowl Preview Update for January 24, 2014

10:33 AM

Well now we are nine days out from the big game and as I suspected, all the models are now shifting to a cold and potentially snowy solution.

The pattern by the time we get to next week will start to feature what is called a SPLIT pattern which basically means the Polar jet stream continues to drive cold air into the Eastern United States while the Sub Tropical jet stream comes alive with moisture and warm air trying to drive over the Arctic air.

Temperatures for the actual game are going to be in the 20’s and falling fast into the 10’s through the game with an increasing northwesterly wind.  Remember, if winds around Newark are around 10 to 15 mph, add another 5 to 10 mph on top of the potential sustained winds due to the topographic influences, the marsh.  So temperatures will be falling into the 10’s while wind chills may be in the single digits.

As far as precipitation, there are strong hints of an isentropic lifting event, commonly known on TV as an overrunning storm.  That’s right, there will be snow and could be a significant amount.  The timing obviously is uncertain but the threat is very much real between February 1st and 2nd.  So if you are going to this game be prepared for some harsh wind chills and the threat for snow before the game and possibly ending at the start of the game.

So who wants to go to Tampa next year?