Preview on the Super Bowl Weather (UPDATE)

10:05 AM

The pattern for the week leading up to the Super Bowl will be changing slightly but not for the better.

I still expect Arctic cold conditions to be in place through the week leading up to and on the Super Bowl, February 2.  The temperatures on the day of the Super Bowl will feature temperatures struggling into the upper 10’s to lower 20’s, which means by game time you’ll be dealing with temperatures falling through the 10’s.  Combine these factors with a northerly wind at 15 to 30 mph and you looking at wind chills at game time in the single digits and falling into the teens below zero.  Anyone pining for a dome yet?

If that isn’t rough enough for all you Football fanatics, there is a growing threat for snow here.  The 500 MB pattern will be going into a “split” pattern where the Sub Tropical jet stream (one with all the moisture) becomes amplified while the Polar jet stream continue to deliver all the cold.  Yes, that’s right.  There is a significant threat for a snow storm in or around the Super Bowl.  Now, this storm could come and go before the game starts but right now I have February 1 through February 3rd targeted for my next threat of a winter storm.  Game on!