A Busy December 2012


What a month.

Aside from the Lake Effects and small waves, here’s some notable ones for just this month…

December 2012 Storms

December 9th-11th – Storm goes into Great Lakes and into Eastern Canada. Upper MidWest Snows, snows to northern Texas. Snows to Maine

December 12th – Storm moves from southern states OTS – Rain to the south


December 16-17-18 – Main Storm moves from Midwest to eastern Great Lakes then new low forms along the coast and heads into Canadien Martimes. Maine and Eastern NH get up to a foot of snow in spots and 30 inches for mountains.

December 20-21 – Sub 990mb Low goes from Southern CA to Lake Michigan then heads East while a new Low forms Around NJ and merges into Parent Low as it heads North into Canada. Major Winter storm with over a foot of snow in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. Blizzard conditions with over 1″ rate per hour.  Over half foot in NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO, KS, NE, IA, IL, WI, MI. Meanwhile Tornadoes from it down south, squall lines, thunderstorms in Mid Atlantic, hail and wind reports up into New England. Gusts over 50mph were reported throughout the states from Plains to New England.

December 24th – Southern Slider will clip PA, Central and Northern NJ, southern NY, CT and RI with snow. Light coating. Small System

December 27th? – Looking more & more like a possibility. Details to be determined as the storm comes from the south up the coast. New Euro12z just out has 850mb temps crashing and a snowstorm from Virginia to Maine.


Almost half the nation now covered compared to 23% this time last year. And it’s only mid December. Cool Temps across the Nation will help keep the snowpack on the ground and that snowpack will in turn help keep the surface cool.










 Snow & ice Map shows a frozen over Hudson Bay. The winds from there have no resistance now so the cold air flow will be easier to reach the U.S.