Mid December 2012 Forecast

We have an active period coming up. Lets break it down..  There’s 2 storms coming up with potential of 2 more afterwards.

Water Vapor12/14/12December 16-17: Yellow outline #1  is the storm in this time period. Its heading to Wisconsin and then overrunning precip will get into the northeast and New England. With High pressure to the north chances are most areas start as snow Saturday night and those south of latitude 43° (roughly the northern MA border) will change to rain Sunday with pockets of freezing rain as the valleys stay cold while the warm air rises above.. Precip amounts are light so not expecting much.


This is my forecast graphic for this time period. Forecast Map for 12/17/12Some areas below my rain/snow line will see snow to start so give or take a few miles off that line. For instance down to the Merrit in CT could see snow to start and parts of northern PA.





December 17-18-19: Pink outline #2.. Models starting to come into agreement that the energy will dig down and spin a new Low down south which will ride the coastal plain. They once had this storm for Wednesday now it looks to be mostly Tuesday but the rains start in the Mid Atlantic on Monday the 17th.. Temps are trending warmer but The Euro00z changes rain to snow for everyone north of NYC and has a healthy system exiting Boston which throws down up to half foot of snow in the Catskills NY and Northern New England on Tuesday. The NAM shows heavy snow north of I-90 on Monday. Details still being worked out so no map will be issued yet.

December 22:  Black outline #3. We’ll have a better sense over the weekend on this storm. Right now the GFS continues to be warmer with a low going from the Plains to Michigan then does not phase the jets until Maine.. The Euro00z phases earlier and shows a healthy coastal low with snows down to Baltimore and up to a foot in northern New England. If your north of I-90 you have the best potential to see more than half foot with this storm.

December 27: Still far out but a potential is possible as the next energy dives down and moisture enters the picture in this time frame give or take a day.

As far as temps .. First half of December has been well above normal in the East. But we might flip that towards end of December. A huge difference from December 2011 when we were hitting 50s for highs. Christmas Eve and Day are looking to be a classic winter day… P.Cloudy, gray, cold, scattered snow showers in the northeast. But being 10 days away, it can change. Enjoy the weekend every and stay safe Sunday on afterwards. Heads up if your going to VT, NH, ME.