1st Weekend of December 2012 forecast

 Thursday night we will start as one of the coldest air mases of the season with sidespread 20s at night from Baltimore to Maine.

Fridays highs will be in the 50s for southern Mid Atlantic. 40s for the Northern Mid Atlantic. 30s for NY, CT, MA. and 20s still over northern New England. The 50s mentioned here is key into the weekends forecast.

Friday nights lows will be seasonable for the Northeast (30s) but the warmer air is creeping up.

We stay dry until Saturday. Thats when a disturbance starts to drop down from Canada. If you’re in the Mid Atlantic you will stay dry for another 6 days with some spotty drizzle possible on Saturday. For the northeast this disturbance will bring wintry precip to the area.. It’s small and doesnt have a lot of precip with it. (less than 1/4″”) so any rain,ice or snow that falls will be small amounts. With the warmer air surging in overtop the colder surface we have to worry about freezing rain. Areas in yellow are where I think the ice will happen but anywhere on the map is possible as the warm air moves in. 

This surge of warm air will be the start to Sundays highs being above normal in the 50s with 60s from Virginia southward. Sunday night some areas will stay in the 50s! Mondays highs will be the warmest in the 60s from NJ south. Tuesday we are warm again but Wednesday a cold front comes through and we drop back down. 

As you can see we start the weekend cold and end it warm. We start next week warm we end cold. A volitle weather pattern setting up as Steve DiMartino NYNJPA Weather has been alluding to for months. The question is… do we get back into a November pattern of staying below normal and snowy? Become a premium member and you’ll get some hints.