Snow/Ice Accumulation forecast for tonight through Wednesday

A very dangerous and complex winter storm is expected to impact the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan areas with significant snow and ice accumulations expected.  As a strong high pressure system becomes established over the St. Lawrence River Valley this afternoon, an area of low pressure will organize over the southern Plains.  This low pressure system will track towards southwestern Pennsylvania by Wednesday morning and then redevelop off the New Jersey coast on Wednesday afternoon.  This low pressure track combined with high pressure to the north will keep winds from the northeast for a majority of the storm for most of the region, leading to a significant ice threat for many locations along the coast and over the interior.  Unlike previous storms, the primary precipitation impact threat will come from sleet and freezing rain after an initial start of moderate snowfall.  Should more snow fall on Tuesday morning than currently expected, than some locations along the coast may never reach freezing, creating an even more dangerous situation than currently forecasted.

This forecast is highly volatile and will have to be NOW-Casted between early tomorrow morning and Wednesday evening.  The precipitation will come in two parts.  The first late tonight through tomorrow afternoon, mostly in the form of snow.  After a lull in the precipitation from Tuesday evening through early Wednesday morning, the second portion of the precipitation will move the region on Wednesday morning, mostly in the form of sleet and freezing rain.  This is a dangerous situation with the threat for significant ice accumulations leading to un-drivable road conditions and power outages.  Please get prepared for this event.


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