Opinion: NBC making huge mistake with TWC

I will be the first to admit, while I always loved watching the weather, I would not have learned about the weather without those days watching The Weather Channel.  Whether it was John Hope with hurricanes and other tropical systems or Jim Cantore with the water vapor, I was glued to TWC 24/7.  In fact, it’s such a strong connection that while others were watching their favorite football or baseball team, I would frequently check in every hour for the latest Long Range Forecast or Tropical Update or Winter Weather Update like clock work.  Going to school was like going to withdraw for a weather junkie like myself, racing to get home to turn on TWC to learn the latest terminology or how to use the various radar, satellite, and at times even model data!

Those days are now officially dead.

According to Sharon Scott, an executive with NBC Universal Productions, TWC will be scaling back on live coverage of the weather events and instead you’ll get reality TV shows about the weather.  Yes, because we don’t have enough reality TV shows.  Meanwhile, the latest weather updates like observations will be found on a scroll on the bottom and a small radar in the corner, likely on the bottom right.  More details can be found here:

NBC’s Weather Channel Revamp Forecasts Strong Chance of Less Weather

So basically, when there are severe thunderstorms running through the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan area or a major snow storm brewing, instead of in depth analysis on The Weather Channel, you’ll instead get a show about some guy taking pictures of a tornado or a rainbow in Hawaii.  Sharon Scott assumes that everyone can just go on their mobil devise or i-Pad (because everyone has one of those) and simply get the weather from there.  There is only one problem with that, not everyone knows what they are looking at on a radar or satellite picture.  They may need more information about the storm impacting their hometown than what you can put on a scroll.

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