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Be Prepared For The Cold Season!

The cold season is upon us!  In meteorology, the cold season is considered from September to February and includes the Fall and Winter months.  Of course, many would consider early March winter-like as well.  

During this time period, the Northern Mid Atlantic experiences their worst weather impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes in the early Fall to blizzards, ice storms, and dangerous arctic outbreaks in the late Fall and Winter. These weather events can cripple a business and create life-threatening conditions for individuals!  

For over two decades, Meteorologist Steven DiMartino has helped guide people and businesses through dangerous storms like Hurricane Sandy and the Boxer Day Blizzard of 2010 that dropped nearly 20″ of snow on the region.  

Below are two options to stay ahead of the storms!  

For the individual, whether you are a weather enthusiast, concerned parent, or a concerned homeowner, Premium Consulting Membership will provide you with all the information you need and education too!  

For the business, whether that business is small or a large corporation, NY NJ PA Weather provides the data and consultation you need to make sure your operations are prepared.  

Please see below for more information!


Detailed analysis of developing winter storms and what factors will determine where the worst conditions will be found. You’ll learn about why trough orientation at 500 MB is very important.  Where the freezing line is lining up ahead of the storm and how that will impact precipitation type.  Plus, how various mesoscale features can produce over a foot of snow for you and less than six inches for the town next over!  Get more than just a forecast, get an education!

Learn which models are performing best and what guidance I am using for each forecast.  You’ll understand which model data we should be studying and why!

Learn about the developing weather pattern and what to expect the weeks and months ahead.  You’ll learn which upper-level patterns are favorable for storms and which are not.  Understand how not all high latitude blocking patterns produce the same result.  Plus, how factors like ENSO, the stratosphere, snow growth, and sea surface temperatures can all be important clues!

Every day, Monday through Sunday (excluding holidays) meteorologist Steven DiMartino will provide a detailed video analysis on the latest weather data from developing thunderstorms to evolving stratospheric warming!  You won’t want to miss these daily discussions!

Sometimes the weather can get in the way of your plans.  With Premium Consulting Membership, you’ll gain access to personal consultation on those weather impacts so you can prepare accordingly!  With Premium Consulting Member, you can send an email to your favorite meteorologist and usually get a detailed forecast and response to your question within 24 hours, typically within an hour if sent between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM. 

When storms strike, have access to meteorologist Steven DiMartino throughout the storm.  Get the latest live updates like on twitter, but also ask questions about how the storm will impact your own location, live, as the storm is evolving.

After the storm is over, a post-storm analysis is provided with details on where the heaviest snowfall developed, factors that defined the storm, and analysis of the accuracy of the forecast!


All of the features of Premium Consulting Membership!

Forecasts are developed each day to address the specific impacts that are a concern to your operations.  Whether you need forecasts for wind direction and speed up to 50 meters, the start and stop times for precipitation, or notification of extreme temperatures, you can trust in NY NJ PA Weather and Meteorologist Steven DiMartino to guide you and your operations through all of the potential impacts!

You pay for exactly what you need!  Consultation is priced by a zip code location!

Reach out to your favorite meteorologist, Steven DiMartino, via video chat, phone call, and/or text.  Hours are 6 AM to 6 PM on non-severe weather events.  For storm events, available throughout the storm event.  Contact to set up for special consultation periods, free of charge.  

Having an accurate assessment of snowfall and ice accumulation totals after a storm event can protect your operations from exorbitant costs and provide an accurate assessment for snow removal businesses of snowfall criteria being met.  Take the guesswork out of the raw NWS data and gain the confidence you need from your own meteorologist.  

Official Certified Snowfall Totals can be added to your package per the zip code location.