Seasonal Snow Totals so far

1/11/14: Lets go over some snow totals for locations in the Northeast. I grabbed every climo station from West Virginia to Maine using the CLI reports from NWS.  Totals are up to and include January 10th. Graph below is sorted by who has the most so far. The recent Lake effect snows put Buffalo over the top with an extra 18 inches in the last 4 days. Normal snowfall to date is 45.3″ but they now have 63.6 inches which is 18.3″ above normal.  Below the graph I sorted by who has the highest departure from normal. You might be surprised.

Snow Totals

Sometimes the best way to judge how snowy it’s been is to look at the departures. Binghamton is in the lead by a hair have 18.4″ above normal but running in 5th place is Philly. They normally have 5.4 inches to date but this year they have 20.2 inches. In 10th place is Islip on Long Island

Binghamton: 50 / +18.4
Buffalo: 63.6 / +18.3
Portland: 38.7 / +17.4
Pittsburgh: 30.7 / +16.5
Philly: 20.2 / +14.8
Caribou: 56.5 / +13.2
Allentown: 22 / +13.2
Boston: 27 / +12.5
Wilmington: 16.9 / +11.7
Islip: 19.6 / +11.4

And I noticed the negative departures start around D.C southwards although Dulles has 7.7″ which is 1.9″ above normal. I’ll have an update at the end of the month.

By Ralph Fato